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Prospective Trainee’s
The   content   of   the   day   release   programme   is   trainee   led   and   resourced.   At   the   day   release   programme   attention   is   paid   to   written   learning   outcomes,   with protected   time   for   process   evaluation   and   assessment.   As   with   all   problem   based   programmes   there   is   a   critical   evaluation   and   personal   development   section to   enhance   the   trainees   learning   experience.   This   is   facilitated   by   the   Human   Doctor   Programme   &   away   days   at   Glenstal   Abbey   which   focus   on   self-care   and mindfulness. A very successful trainee lead journal club is also run every week where self-chosen pre read papers are evaluated.
Day Release Programme
Paperless System
iPads,   tablets   and   PCs   are   used   by   our   Trainees   as   we   progress   to   becoming   a   paperless   programme.   All   devices   are   customised   for   our   curriculum.   There   is   instant   access   to all   training   paperwork   and   assessment   forms   with   the   ability   to   directly   submit   to   the   GP   Training   Programme.   There   is   also   have   access   to   Google   education   and   other educational apps.
Hospital and GP Placements
Our   trainee’s   engage   in   multiple   specialities   across   a   number   of   hospitals   in   Limerick,   Clare   and   Tipperary   during   their   first   and   second   years   on   the   scheme.   Placements generally   last   between   3-6   months   depending   on   the   speciality.   The   third   and   fourth   years   of   the   scheme   involve   the   trainee   practicing   as   a   GP   registrar   in   the   communities of the region.
University of Limerick
The   scheme   is   based   on   the   vibrant   campus   at   the   University   of   Limerick.   We   do   not   hold   an   open   day;   we   invite   potential   candidates   to   book   into   one   of   our   teaching sessions   held   in   UL   on   Wednesday   afternoons.   This   will   give   them   the   opportunity   to   witness   the   teaching   session   first   hand   and   to   meet   with   some   of   the   programme directing team and the trainees.
How to Apply
Prospective   trainee’s   are   invited   to   apply   through   the   ICGP   website .   Should   you   have   any   further   questions   relating   to   the   Mid   West   GP   Training   Scheme,   please   do   not hesitate to contact us.